Lawyer, doctor, nurse, engineer, teacher, surgeon, etc. These jobs are what are considered by most people around the world to be the top careers. However, if you ask most of the people in these careers what they think of their jobs, you will discover one startling fact – a good number of them are not happy with their current line of work.

Unusual Jobs in the World

The reason for this is because working in these careers involves having to endure long hours of work (sometimes even during weekends), heavy workloads, and unreasonable deadlines. When you get used to these conditions day-in-day-out, you end up becoming extremely stressed and your motivation and your job satisfaction drops.

The surprising fact is that most people in these careers do not realize that they are in the rat race and that there are other exciting, regardless of how odd, opportunities out there. If you are currently working in one of these career fields and you find yourself wondering whether it is satisfying, you can conduct a simple assessment like we did ( at and once you have the result, switch to one of these weird but fun jobs you can find around the world.

1. Professional bed warmers

In the UK you can get paid to warm the bed for hotel guests. This job came about in 2010 when a hotel chain in the country started experimenting with the idea of paying willing staffers to warm the beds for guests before they checked into their rooms. To ensure that the bed is warm, the bed warmer dresses in a fleece sleeper suit then steps into the covers. Once the guests arrive, they find their bed warm and ready for them.

The bed warming career seems to have caught on as several individuals have started offering freelance bed warming services. A famous example of a professional bed warmer is Viktoria Ivachyova, a Russian freelance bed warmer who charges up to £65 for just one hour of bed warming.

If you have no problem getting into a strangers bed dressed up in a sleeper suit, this job might be exciting, not to mention the fulfilling opportunity for you.

2. Full-time bike fishing

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital is known for many things – from being cannabis friendly to its long river canals, the coffee shops, and its liberal nightlife. Amsterdam is also famous for having a large number of bicycles (about two million), which are available for pedaling by the city’s residents.

Unfortunately, once you combine such a huge number of bicycles in a city with river canals, you end up having more than several of these bikes ending up in the water. As a result, the city pays full-time employees to pull these bikes out of the water, which total to about 15,000 bicycles every year. And considering that this has been going on since 1960, once you become a bike fisher in Amsterdam, going out of a job is one of the things you will not have to worry about.

3. Brewmaster

Do you love beer and drinking, but can never find time to enjoy it due to your current job? Well, you can quit it, enjoy your favorite pastime activity, and get paid for it. Brewmaster is a job position that is available in several breweries, where the person is tasked with all the entire process of producing beer.
Unfortunately, in this line of work, you are required to have some knowledge of organic chemistry. Also, working in the brewery will mean having to be sober during the working hours, but you can be sure to find some cheap beers for when you are not working.

4. Professional healthcare traveler

If you are a healthcare provider but never have time to travel, you should consider becoming a professional healthcare traveler. The job involves traveling for work to various healthcare facilities around the world. Most of these facilities are those that are facing serious staffing issues, which they cannot be able to solve with the local population.

While being a healthcare traveler is not the weirdest job in the world, it is strange in that you have to travel from time to time. On the plus side, you get to visit several places around the world while getting paid, which is something that you do not find often.

5. Trail builder

Have you ever wondered how the beautiful trails you find in the woods and other outdoor adventure places come about? Well, today you have an answer. Many outdoor businesses pay trail builders to find, build, and maintain trails found on their premises. If you are an outdoors person, this can be an exciting opportunity for you, as you would be spending a lot of your working hours outdoors. You would also get to test out hiking trails in various locations while getting paid to do so.

6. Professional water slide tester

Weird but fun jobs

Professional water slide testing is one of the top strange but fun jobs that you can find in the world. As a water slide tester, you are paid to test out the water slides in water sports facilities and then rate the experience based on things such as the adrenaline rush, and how much water is splashed. Qualifications for this job are minimal, with most facilities only requiring you to know how to swim.

The above are some of the top weird jobs that you can find around the world. However, despite the fact that they are strange, most of them can be an exciting opportunity if you are feeling soul crushed by your current career.

If you want to switch to these jobs (or other weird but fun jobs out there) you can arrange a free career consultation with the guys we used, Appleby Associates and see what is available for you. Who knows, it may be the start of a new weird phase of your life…