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Photo of barrage balloon from America from the Great Depression to World War II, at the Library of Congress.

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Butt-Print Art
Stan Murmur is famous. No, really. He's even been written up in the Weekly World News! And for nothing more than using his own natural assets to create floral and woodland scenes in acrylics. It's not just his butt that he uses--his "Cattails," particularly, had to involve some other body parts. Much of Stan's work is for sale: his unhealthy addiction to air-cooled Volkswagens has to be expensive.
(Thanks to Sarah for the link!)
Messiah: 2030
Just a little something that came through the email. I make no comment on the contents, except to say that I did find it odd. "ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT WILL ERUPT INTO SIXTH ARAB-ISRAELI WAR AND BE OVER IN 2003! So claims my new book, Messiah: 2030. Specific outcomes of the war are predicted based on biblical prophecy. Yours truly, Clive Douglas Campbell"
Mike the Headless Chicken
In 1945, a young rooster by the name of Mike was beheaded in Fruita, Colorado. The stubborn chicken, however, refused to die. The axe had removed his head, but left so much of his brainstem intact that he continued to function as a normal, albeit headless, chicken. For a year and a half, Miracle Mike toured the country. He was written up in Time and Life magazine, and insured for $10,000. Unfortunately, he choked to death one night in Arizona. Death would not be cheated any longer. But the town of Fruita remembers Mike, and every year they celebrate him with a parade and a chicken dance.
(Thanks to Peter Parker for the link!)
Save Mr. Potter's Museum
Mr. Potter's Museum of Curiosities, a truly odd collection of exhibits that includes a schoolroom full of bunnies, a truncheon used to kill two people in Ghana, and Queen Victoria's bath, as well as a wedding party comprised entirely of kittens and a monkey riding a goat, is going up for auction on September 23 and 24, 2003. News of the Odd covered this story in July, 2003. Now, Mr. Richard Taylor, an art college librarian, is attempting to save the collection. If you would be willing to assist in this worthy endeavor, please visit his page to learn how you can help.
Spoolyfoods bills itself as "an up-and-coming 'vast global conglomerate' with ambitions of world domination." To that end, it's selling gift boxes of odd Asian snack foods on the Internet. (Hey, everyone needs to start somewhere!) EveryBurger Chocolates, Pocari Sweat, Men's Pocky (The Super Snack), Pearl Milk Tea, and my favorite--Shower Candy. This stuff'll satisfy cravings you didn't even know you had.
(Thanks to Scott for the link!)
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