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Man Attempts to Hang Woman; Shoots Self
A man in Boulder County, Colorado has been arrested for felony menacing after allegedly attempting to hang the same woman twice. Police came to the woman's home after she called to complain that Ian M. Hunter had been ringing her doorbell and climbing on her roof. He told them he had come to get a blanket, but no one would open the door.
The woman, who lived with Hunter, said she had kicked him out earlier that day. She told the police that he had wrapped a chain around her neck, then tried to hang her from a winch mounted on the roof of the garage. She also said he had threatened to kill both her and the police if she called them.
Hunter returned to the house later with a bullet wound in his stomach. He claimed he had walked to a local lake and shot himself with a .45 caliber pistol. At first, he refused to let the woman call for medical help. When the police arrived, they took Hunter to the Boulder County Hospital, but he had already sewn the three-inch wound in his stomach closed. He was taken to the Boulder County Jail, where he is being held on $25,000 bond.
(The Daily Camera, September 3, 2003)

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