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Photo of barrage balloon from America from the Great Depression to World War II, at the Library of Congress.

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Fortean Times--The Journal of Strange Phenomena is the home page of Fortean Times Magazine. Founded in 1973, Fortean Times is a journal dedicated to skeptical enquiry. It does not confine itself to scientific explanation, nor does it uncritically accept the bizarre. Rather, it explores the shadowy hinterlands of reality, and reports accurately on what it finds there.
Mike the Headless Chicken
In 1945, a young rooster by the name of Mike was beheaded in Fruita, Colorado. The stubborn chicken, however, refused to die. The axe had removed his head, but left so much of his brainstem intact that he continued to function as a normal, albeit headless, chicken. For a year and a half, Miracle Mike toured the country. He was written up in Time and Life magazine, and insured for $10,000. Unfortunately, he choked to death one night in Arizona. Death would not be cheated any longer. But the town of Fruita remembers Mike, and every year they celebrate him with a parade and a chicken dance.
(Thanks to Peter Parker for the link!)
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery
An online museum dedicated to scientific consideration of such fringe topics as fantastic beasts, alien archaeology, missing explorers, and the 10th planet in our solar system. The UnMuseum is a great reference site for all things Odd.
The Smoking Gun
Chances are, you've never filed a Freedom of Information Act request, or gone through public court documents looking for information on a famous case. You probably never will. And thanks to William Bastone, you'll never have to. The Smoking Gun archives documents ranging from handwritten letters from Kenneth Lay to George Dubya Bush to FBI files regarding a pornographic film starring Marilyn Monroe. This is the truth behind the news. Many of these documents are also available in book form.
Not exactly news, but definitely odd. claims to be the repository of knowledge for the Wingmakers, an ancient alien race, who came to Earth millenia ago and formed the foundation for humanity's Creation myths. One of these beings is living among us now, translating the documents his people left behind to educate us, and psychically feeding high-level technology to our scientists.
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