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Photo of barrage balloon from America from the Great Depression to World War II, at the Library of Congress.

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Visit the site The Guardian called "The British son of The Onion." Unreliable Facts ("Because everything you read on the Internet is true"), Breaking News ("Britain offers compromise: Iraq to war with self"), and full coverage of sports, politics and world affairs ("US Invades Pakistan 'By Mistake'").
The Dullest Blog in the World
The online journal of a British gentleman whose daily activities include washing the dishes, watching the television, and walking to his appointments. Dull? Not at all.
The Onion
The mother of all satirical news sites. NB: Not all of The Onion's content is suitable for all viewers. Some of it is barely suitable for any viewer. And no one without a sense of humor should even bother. And, the nice folks at The Onion have also been kind enough to publish their accumulated wisdom.
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