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Photo of barrage balloon from America from the Great Depression to World War II, at the Library of Congress.



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The Alternative Dictionaries
Have you ever wondered how to say "I'm going to kill you" in Japanese? Call someone a fool in Scots? Have you ever wanted to say something so offensive, you couldn't do it in your native language? The Alternative Dictionaries have got you covered. And if you already know how to curse your computer in French, all the better. TAD is a collaborative project; it should be accepting submissions soon, and it's accepting corrections now. Need we point out that this site contains adult language?
The Daily Bleed
"A Calendar Better Than Boiled Coffee!" Produced by the anarchists, leftists and radicals at Recollection Books, the Bleed is an amazing catalogue of odd facts, disturbing news, important dates, and thought-provoking quotations. Highly recommended.
Fortean Times--The Journal of Strange Phenomena is the home page of Fortean Times Magazine. Founded in 1973, Fortean Times is a journal dedicated to skeptical enquiry. It does not confine itself to scientific explanation, nor does it uncritically accept the bizarre. Rather, it explores the shadowy hinterlands of reality, and reports accurately on what it finds there.
"Legal News with an Attitude." Sean Carter, author of If It Does Not Fit, Must You Acquit?, brings you the latest in bizarre legal news, surveys, and commentary. He also offers contests, like the Fantasy Supreme Court League (the next round begins in September), and the Black Man's Law Dictionary. Fun for lawyers, and for human beings, too.
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery
An online museum dedicated to scientific consideration of such fringe topics as fantastic beasts, alien archaeology, missing explorers, and the 10th planet in our solar system. The UnMuseum is a great reference site for all things Odd.
Project Vote Smart: 2004 Presidential Candidates
Not, strictly speaking, odd (though when has the American presidential race not been odd?), but definitely useful. Project Vote Smart has collected issue statements, voting records, and biographical information on all of the candidates, even the ones you didn't know were running. And navigating through their site, you might even find out who represents you in Congress. (Always assuming, of course, that you live in the United States. If not, you can be pardoned for not caring. If you do live in the US, it's rather less forgivable. Unless, of course, you are either a Jehovah's Witness, a recent immigrant, or a convicted felon.)
The Smoking Gun
Chances are, you've never filed a Freedom of Information Act request, or gone through public court documents looking for information on a famous case. You probably never will. And thanks to William Bastone, you'll never have to. The Smoking Gun archives documents ranging from handwritten letters from Kenneth Lay to George Dubya Bush to FBI files regarding a pornographic film starring Marilyn Monroe. This is the truth behind the news. Many of these documents are also available in book form.
The Straight Dope
Cecil Adams knows a bit about everything, and he'll gladly answer almost any question you care to ask. The archive is updated daily, and packed with odd bits of knowledge. Compendia (that's the plural of compendium) of his columns are available from Amazon.
Urban Legends Reference Pages
The great-grandaddy of Urban Legends reference pages. What's real, what's ridulous, and occasionally, what's possible but unconfirmed. News of the Odd uses this site as a cross-check for its own news.
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