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Photo of barrage balloon from America from the Great Depression to World War II, at the Library of Congress.

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Aberrant News and Curiosities
You know you want it... Great headlines, a new forum and links categorized by subject. The logo itself is worth a visit.
Ali's Weird Candy
Weird news, weird sex, and weird government. It's all here, and it's all weird, along with reports on the search requests that led the unwary into the lair and lists of the books purchased by Weird Candy's viewers. Well organized, fun, and very, very strange.
Free weekly newletters on topics ranging from weird news to dirty jokes and insults. My own favorite feature is the Bizarre Photo of the Week.
Bonehead of the Day Award
Because stupid people are funny. In the spirit of the Darwin Awards, Jerry Lerman presents The Bonehead of the Day Award. Sign up for the daily mail!
The Darwin Awards
Another site dedicated to strange truth. The Darwin Awards are granted each year to the people who have done the most good for the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool. Some of the stories here are very nearly unbelievable, but they are carefully screened for truth. The awards are also published periodically: Collections are available from Amazon.
"The truth is really out there, baby!" For those of you who didn't study any dead languages, "exo" is a prefix denoting something "outside," as in "exoskeleton." eXoNews, then, is "the news outside the news." eXoNews reports on everything from Star Trek to the human genome project. If it's eXo, you'll find it here.
"It's not news, it's" Even more weird headlines than News of the Odd, and comment boards, too. Plus Photoshop contests, Wil Wheaton, and one very proud squirrel. Go Fark!
News of the Weird
The original. Chuck Shepherd writes a syndicated column that appears in hundreds of newspapers around the world. His news is updated regularly; other portions of the site are not. Most of his books have unfortunately gone out of print, but they're still available from Alibrisicon or Abebooks, and may be available at Amazon, as well.
Project Vote Smart: 2004 Presidential Candidates
Not, strictly speaking, odd (though when has the American presidential race not been odd?), but definitely useful. Project Vote Smart has collected issue statements, voting records, and biographical information on all of the candidates, even the ones you didn't know were running. And navigating through their site, you might even find out who represents you in Congress. (Always assuming, of course, that you live in the United States. If not, you can be pardoned for not caring. If you do live in the US, it's rather less forgivable. Unless, of course, you are either a Jehovah's Witness, a recent immigrant, or a convicted felon.)
The Smoking Gun
Chances are, you've never filed a Freedom of Information Act request, or gone through public court documents looking for information on a famous case. You probably never will. And thanks to William Bastone, you'll never have to. The Smoking Gun archives documents ranging from handwritten letters from Kenneth Lay to George Dubya Bush to FBI files regarding a pornographic film starring Marilyn Monroe. This is the truth behind the news. Many of these documents are also available in book form.
Weekly World News
The supermarket tabloid is now online! Play Find the Batboy! Ogle the Page 5 Girl! Ask yourself, "Is any of this for real?" Or subscribe, and have the "stories other newspapers are afraid to touch" delivered to your door!
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Find a book signed by your favorite author at Alibris!
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