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Barrage BalloonNews of the Odd

Photo of barrage balloon from America from the Great Depression to World War II, at the Library of Congress.

Tomes of the Odd
America BizarroAmerica Bizarro: A Guide to Freaky Festivals, Groovy Gatherings, Kooky Contests, and Other Strange Happenings Across the U.S.A.
Nelson Taylor is your tour guide to the weirdest conventions and displays in America. Organized by state, and extensively illustrated, this book has something for everyone, from the Coon-Dog Graveyard in Tuscumbia, Alabama, to Jackalope Days in Douglas, Wyoming. Quickly! Hop in the car and go!
America's Dumbest Criminals America's Dumbest Criminals : Based on True Stories from Law Enforcement Officials Across the Country
Some people are just too stupid to be criminals. In this book and its sequels, editors Daniel R. Butler, Alan Ray, et al. capture true stories of incredibly lackwitted behavior, as told by the law enforcement personnel who witnessed them.
Best, Worst and Most Unusual Best, Worst and Most Unusual: Noteworthy Achievements, Events, Feats & Blunders of Every Conceivable Kind
Bruce Felton and Mark Fowler have dredged up the most fantastic stories from every corner of history. Best Propaganda? Pharoah Ramses II was tromped by the Hittites at the Battle of Kadesh, but because he commissioned a mural to celebrate his great victory over the Hittites, for 3,000 years the world believed that Ramses had been the winner at Kadesh. Worst Theory of Evolution? Kiss Maerth believed our primate ancestors developed intelligence by feasting on each others' brains. Most Unusual Sports Scandal? The winner of the 1974 New World International Turtle Track Commission championship was disqualified--the hard-shelled cheater had been mounted onto a remote-controlled car. And that's just a random sampling of the weird, funny, incredibly odd stories in this fascinating book.
The Darwin Awards The Darwin Awards: Evolution in Action
The Darwin Awards are given to those individuals who have done the most good for the species as a whole by removing themselves from the gene pool. Winners must be either dead, or otherwise incapable of breeding, and they must have been harmed by their own stupidity. The entries are screened for urban legends, though some legends are included in the book for entertainment. Honorable Mentions are also listed—these are awarded to people who would be eligible for the award, except for being alive.
The Odd Index The Odd Index : The Ultimate Compendium of Bizarre and Unusual Facts
Not for children. Stephen J. Spignesi has assembled lists of everything from the stages of rigor mortis to the use of the word "Klingon" in Star Trek. Truly, truly odd. (And occasionally offensive. Be warned.)
The Smoking Gun The Smoking Gun: A Dossier of Secret, Surprising, and Salacious Documents
William Bastone, editor of The Smoking Gun, has assembled a truly amazing collection of previously unpublished documents. Here are CIA memos, police reports, autopsies and contracts that reveal the truth behind the news.
Unexplained!Unexplained! Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences & Puzzling Physical Phenomena
Jerome Clark explores the supernatural, the extraterrestrial, and the just plain weird. The book is extensively illustrated, very well balanced, and a whole lot of fun.
Unexplained Phenomena Unexplained Phenomena: A Rough Guide Special
Bob Rickard, the man who founded The Fortean Times, and John Michell, author of The New View Over Atlantis, are your tour guides of the odd. Drawing on original sources from around the world, they explore strange rains, human combustion, the existence of fairies, and more. And it's a Rough Guide, so it's comprehensive, well-indexed, and as reliable as it's possible to be when discussing the unknown.
Weekly World News Subscribe to The Weekly World News!
Play Find the Batboy! Ogle the Page 5 Girl! Ask yourself, "Is any of this for real?"

Weird EuropeWeird Europe: A Guide to Bizarre, Macabre, and Just Plain Weird Sights
Kristan Lawson and Anneli S. Rufus uncover the hidden treasures of Europe, exploring bizarre museums, historical wonders, and modern curiosities in 25 countries.

Weird History 101 Weird History 101
John Richard Stephens takes you on a roller-coaster ride of history. Utilizing eyewitness accounts, he tells the story of Western Civilization from a distinctly skewed perspective.
Images of the Odd
La Gare Montparnasse La Gare Montparnasse
A famous image from an infamous disaster. The train at Montparnasse jumped the tracks and came through the wall of the station. Since the platform was on the second floor, it ended up dangling.
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