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Photo of group "nature sliding" from The National Archivess. The entire party is wearing tin trousers, the seats of which have been treated with paraffin.

News of the Odd, February 2002


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Incestuous Couple Kept Coffin in Living Room
Authorities in Florida have arrested a 53-year-old man who was living on a farm with his sister and their 13 children and grandchildren. The farm came to their attention when they received a tip that the couple was keeping a child's casket in the living room. The coffin appears to contain the remains of one of the couple's children. Authorities believe they exhumed it at some point after the child's death. The children at the farm were all well-behaved, and the home was clean, but authorities are still baffled at the couple's living arrangements.
(Reuters*,  February 28, 2002)

Rights of Garden Gnomes Assured
The International Association for the Protection of Garden Gnomes is holding its first international congress in the German city of Chemnitz. The group, which has garnered media attention by liberating garden gnomes and setting them free in the forest, is calling for the integration of gnomes into society. They have agreed that garden gnomes have the right to female companionship, and that they should not be required to work past 5 PM, or in inclement weather. Gnomes who violate the new work rules may be fined. The group is also calling for licenses to be issued to lawn mower drivers, to guarantee the safety of gnomes.
(Ananova, February 27, 2002)

81-year-old Woman Charged with Smuggling Ecstacy
An 81-year-old woman in Miami has been charged with smuggling Ecstasy, after Customs officials found nearly 10,000 tablets of the street drug in her luggage. The woman, whose 56-year-old boyfriend was also arrested, told investigators that she knew the pills were there, but that she thought they were Viagra.
(Reuters*, February 25, 2002)


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