huge donald trump condom salesNow that the whole world is watching the US Presidential Elections with bated breath, the recent release of political condoms have provided a much needed comic relief. In January of 2016, several condoms have been released in the market, bearing hilarious sayings and proudly sporting the colours of the US Flag.

However, this idea is really nothing new. Back in 2008 elections, Ben Sherman had taken advantage of the political controversies surrounding both Democratic and Republican representatives and set up a customized condom enterprise called Say It With A Condom. This set off a trend that has won nationwide appeal, much to everyone’s humour and surprise.

Most political scandals have often revolved around the topic of sex, with people cracking jokes about Bill Clinton’s affairs even now. This particular context has become even more relevant this year, as his former wife, Hillary Clinton, finds herself in a tug of war against the ever popular Donald Trump. This year’s Presidential Election is deemed most surprising, with people becoming more concerned as Donald Trump kept going ahead against all odds and finally ended up winning in more Super Tuesday States.

What people had initially treated as a super joke has now become an ominous possibility for most. For others however, the success of Trump becoming the next President of the United States is even more heartening than the sight of presents lined up under the Christmas tree! For the first time, U.S citizens find themselves divided clearly into two different groups: the ones who favour Trump as the next President, and others who don’t. Considering the enormous tension that the myriad of possibilities this election brings, political condoms are finally here to offer some protection!

donald trump politics condomsThese political condoms have become the most controversial yet entertaining topic of the month due to several reasons:

– The make humorous references to Political candidates who are fighting to win the Presidential Election.

– They have really quirky sayings on the packets that can draw a chuckle or two from everyone.

-They are using the political sex scandal as a marketing topic to educate people more about safety measures during sex.

Nothing can make an educational topic more entertaining than our political show runners of 2016. Their crazy, controversial statements are making these products more attractive! Different websites like are making a lot of money by selling disease and pregnancy preventive options to the public by ridiculing the crazy antics of well known political figures.
Why are these political condoms so special?

Most of these condoms come packed with some funny messages like “Remember the Election With Your Next Erection”, “Thin as a Politician’s Promise”, “Either Way You’re Getting Screwed”, “Don’t Debate Wrap Your Candidate” and ” Great For Any Position”. These condoms are made of top quality latex, and have been electrostatistically tested. These condoms can vouch for a safe sex ride, as they are all 100% FDA approved. The satirical packaging is more like an icing on the cake that everyone loves! A pack of twelve funny condoms are now selling for just $11.39. These political condoms are quite a cheap and affordable treat that all adults can enjoy!
Donald Trump condoms:
Even though these political condoms have created quite a positive stir, nothing has worked so well as the idea of Donald Trump condoms with his over the top, cliched statements that no one can ever forget (! Donald Trump has always been a controversial figure, having advertised himself for different reasons which may not always have been so positive. Over the years, the public has learnt to either love him or hate him, but no one could ever ignore him. When he decided to run for president in the year 2016, almost everyone thought he must be joking. But several months later, he has proven himself to be a strong contender who has taken the election up by storm!

His recent lash back where he promises America that he has a huge member is indeed one of the most bizarre instances of the U.S election history. He goes on to say quiet bluntly to millions of viewers, “I guarantee you there’s no problem”, while referring to his ‘HUUUUGE’ penis. Fishs Eddy from Homeware knew that this was his golden opportunity. After teaming up with, he released new condoms that came in wrappers that had the face of Donald Trump and his catchphrase “I’am HUUUUUGE!”

This condom is no joke; almost millions have bought these already! Each Trump condom sells for under $3, and the catchphrase is one of the biggest political satires that the United States can boast of. The website Say It With A Condom describes these condoms as ‘tremendous- not really, they’re standard size”, and makes a funny reference to Trump’s motivation to build a big wall between Mexico and the U.S. These condoms are “built like a wall to keep out STDs and unwanted pregnancies 98% of the time”. Last year, Trump had succeeded in gaining a huge amount of support from his fans by claiming that if he ever became President, he would immediately deport all Mexicans and then build a huge wall to keep them away. And he would make Mexico pay for the wall. Donald Trump is known for his separatist ideas, and he has faced a lot of flak for stating that he is going to ban all Muslims from entering the US when he comes to power.

These condoms are advertised to help people “negotiate rounding the bases and scoring safely”. They are made from top quality latex that are 100% FDA approved. These Donald Trump condoms are listed as one of the most interesting products of the year. As the crazy debate and mad scuffle over the Presidential seat keeps raging on, these funny condoms have stayed in popular demand. While these catchphrases are controversial, they also give more reason to people to enjoy such events, making them more aware of political events and their significance.

Better still, they support an initiative to help people be positively sex aware and educated. Selling such amazing products will only help to generate healthy discussions regarding safe sex and the reasons why it is necessary.