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Photo of barrage balloon from America from the Great Depression to World War II, at the Library of Congress.

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The best of the visual, performing, literary arts or unclassified arts.
I do enjoy meeting in-ter-esting people.
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Not odd, not news, just... other things.
Yes, I do have friends. Some of them even know me.
Truly odd things to buy. Note that News of the Odd receives no money, food, sex or anything else of value from the sites listed in this category.
Did you ever suspect that there were things your teachers didn't tell you?
Urban legends, modern mythology, unexplained phenomena and the ever-elusive Questing Meme.
Because you can never get enough.
Strange facts and odd explanations.
Circular objects meant to adorn the fingers. No, wait. That's wrong. Linked collections of odd sites, including this one. That's it.
If you don't get it, don't read it.
Odd phenomena, bizarre sightings, and other (un)natural occurrences.
Odd sites and items recommended by readers.




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