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Photo of barrage balloon from America from the Great Depression to World War II, at the Library of Congress.

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Alf's Balloons: Corkscrews, Balloons, and Travel
Or, The Corkscrew Balloon. Or, Travels with Alf. Skip the Flash intro, if you must, by entering the home page directly. Alf Erickson travels all over the world, collecting corkscrews, visiting strange museums, and attending ballooning events. He keeps journals of his voyages, weaving "today in history" entries through the accounts of his travels, and illustrating his site with photos taken by his daughter, Annie. Fascinating, intimate, and most of all, odd.

April Winchell
April Winchell is a voiceover actress, co-founder of Radio Savant Productions, and collector of some of the strangest audio clips you've ever heard. Don't miss "Premature Ejaculation!" Or Pat Boone singing "Stairway to Heaven."

Banana, Bag and Bodice
Blending the poetry of nightmare with the weird sticky bits that cling to the bottom of the drain, the incomparable Jessica Jelliffe, the exquisite Jason Craig and the indispensible Others have created such masterpieces as The Bastard Chronicles, Number 2, Gulag Ha-Ha, and Sandwich. Shocking, thought-provoking, delightfully bizarre, and always, always mouth-watering.
Butt-Print Art
Stan Murmur is famous. No, really. He's even been written up in the Weekly World News! And for nothing more than using his own natural assets to create floral and woodland scenes in acrylics. It's not just his butt that he uses--his "Cattails," particularly, had to involve some other body parts. Much of Stan's work is for sale: his unhealthy addiction to air-cooled Volkswagens has to be expensive.
(Thanks to Sarah for the link!)

A brilliant madman who is (at least partially) responsible for some of the best San Francisco has to offer. And that's saying something. First Frickin' Fridays, the Tentacle Sessions, DadaFest, humor, theatre, politics... He's got his greasy fingers into everything, and everything he touches touches him back. How many of you can say that?
My own adorable, maniacal, occasionally comprehensible housemates. Performing annually at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, and nightly in our own back yard, the nEO-sURREALISTS have incited creativity, madness and even lust from the cornfields of Illinois to the smoggy hinterlands of California.
One of the best arts sites around. The focus is on computer graphics, particularly 3-D, but there are plenty of traditional artists working here, too. As for odd... Well, there are some strange imaginations out there, and Renderosity gives them a place to express themselves.
San Francisco Fringe Festival
I'll be there. We'll be there. They'll be there. And so will he. Wouldn't you like to be there with us too? We're all coming together for nearly two weeks of uncurated, uncensored, uninhibited theatrical insanity, in and around the very heart of San Francisco. If you can't be there, too, at least check out the list of other Fringes around the globe — there's bound to be one in your neighborhood. Or at least in a neighborhood you'd like to call your own
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