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Photo of barrage balloon from America from the Great Depression to World War II, at the Library of Congress.

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Aberrant News and Curiosities
You know you want it... Great headlines, a new forum and links categorized by subject. The logo itself is worth a visit.
Alf's Balloons: Corkscrews, Balloons, and Travel
Or, The Corkscrew Balloon. Or, Travels with Alf. Skip the Flash intro, if you must, by entering the home page directly. Alf Erickson travels all over the world, collecting corkscrews, visiting strange museums, and attending ballooning events. He keeps journals of his voyages, weaving "today in history" entries through the accounts of his travels, and illustrating his site with photos taken by his daughter, Annie. Fascinating, intimate, and most of all, odd.
Ali's Weird Candy
Weird news, weird sex, and weird government. It's all here, and it's all weird, along with reports on the search requests that lured the unwary into the lair and lists of the books purchased by Weird Candy's viewers. Well organized, fun, and very, very strange.
The Alternative Dictionaries
Have you ever wondered how to say "I'm going to kill you" in Japanese? Call someone a fool in Scots? Have you ever wanted to say something so offensive, you couldn't do it in your native language? The Alternative Dictionaries have got you covered. And if you already know how to curse your computer in French, all the better. TAD is a collaborative project; it should be accepting submissions soon, and it's accepting corrections now. Need we point out that this site contains adult language?
Anomalies Unlimited
Death. Trivia. Death trivia. Britney's breasts. Michael's face. There's enough here to make even my head spin.
April Winchell
April Winchell is a voiceover actress, co-founder of Radio Savant Productions, and collector of some of the strangest audio clips you've ever heard. Don't miss "Premature Ejaculation!" Or Pat Boone singing "Stairway to Heaven."
Asylum Eclectica
Morbid facts, strange maladies, original photography, truly odd stories from old newspapers, and much, much more. Not for the weak of heart (or stomach), but definitely worth a visit.

Banana, Bag and Bodice
Blending the poetry of nightmare with the weird sticky bits that cling to the bottom of the drain, the incomparable Jessica Jelliffe, the exquisite Jason Craig and the indispensible Others have created such masterpieces as The Bastard Chronicles, Number 2, Gulag Ha-Ha, and Sandwich. Shocking, thought-provoking, delightfully bizarre, and always, always mouth-watering.
Free weekly newletters on topics ranging from weird news to dirty jokes and insults. My own favorite feature is the Bizarre Photo of the Week.
Bonehead of the Day Award
Because stupid people are funny. In the spirit of the Darwin Awards, Jerry Lerman presents The Bonehead of the Day Award. Sign up for the daily mail!
The Brains Trust
Visit the site The Guardian called "The British son of The Onion." Unreliable Facts ("Because everything you read on the Internet is true"), Breaking News ("Britain offers compromise: Iraq to war with self"), and full coverage of sports, politics and world affairs ("US Invades Pakistan 'By Mistake'").
Butt-Print Art
Stan Murmur is famous. No, really. He's even been written up in the Weekly World News! And for nothing more than using his own natural assets to create floral and woodland scenes in acrylics. It's not just his butt that he uses--his "Cattails," particularly, had to involve some other body parts. Much of Stan's work is for sale: his unhealthy addiction to air-cooled Volkswagens has to be expensive.
(Thanks to Sarah for the link!)

The Daily Bleed
"A Calendar Better Than Boiled Coffee!" Produced by the anarchists, leftists and radicals at Recollection Books, the Bleed is an amazing catalogue of odd facts, disturbing news, important dates, and thought-provoking quotations. Highly recommended.
The Darwin Awards
Another site dedicated to strange truth. The Darwin Awards are granted each year to the people who have done the most good for the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool. Some of the stories here are very nearly unbelievable, but they are carefully screened for truth. The awards are also published periodically: Collections are available from Amazon.
The Dullest Blog in the World
The online journal of a British gentleman whose daily activities include washing the dishes, watching the television, and walking to his appointments. Dull? Not at all.

"The truth is really out there, baby!" For those of you who didn't study any dead languages, "exo" is a prefix denoting something "outside," as in "exoskeleton." eXoNews, then, is "the news outside the news." eXoNews reports on everything from Star Trek to the human genome project. If it's eXo, you'll find it here.

"It's not news, it's" Even more weird headlines than News of the Odd, and comment boards, too. Plus Photoshop contests, Wil Wheaton, and one very proud squirrel. Go Fark!
Fortean Times--The Journal of Strange Phenomena is the home page of Fortean Times Magazine. Founded in 1973, Fortean Times is a journal dedicated to skeptical enquiry. It does not confine itself to scientific explanation, nor does it uncritically accept the bizarre. Rather, it explores the shadowy hinterlands of reality, and reports accurately on what it finds there.

Nothing this stupid should be this much fun. Googlism will tell you exactly what Google thinks of you, your friends, your cat, your boss... Enter a search phrase, get an opinion. Oddly addictive, really.

"Legal News with an Attitude." Sean Carter, author of If It Does Not Fit, Must You Acquit?, brings you the latest in bizarre legal news, surveys, and commentary. He also offers contests, like the Fantasy Supreme Court League (the next round begins in September), and the Black Man's Law Dictionary. Fun for lawyers, and for human beings, too.

Messiah: 2030
Just a little something that came through the email. I make no comment on the contents, except to say that I did find it odd. "ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT WILL ERUPT INTO SIXTH ARAB-ISRAELI WAR AND BE OVER IN 2003! So claims my new book, Messiah: 2030. Specific outcomes of the war are predicted based on biblical prophecy. Yours truly, Clive Douglas Campbell"
Mike the Headless Chicken
In 1945, a young rooster by the name of Mike was beheaded in Fruita, Colorado. The stubborn chicken, however, refused to die. The axe had removed his head, but left so much of his brainstem intact that he continued to function as a normal, albeit headless, chicken. For a year and a half, Miracle Mike toured the country. He was written up in Time and Life magazine, and insured for $10,000. Unfortunately, he choked to death one night in Arizona. Death would not be cheated any longer. But the town of Fruita remembers Mike, and every year they celebrate him with a parade and a chicken dance.
(Thanks to Peter Parker for the link!)
A brilliant madman who is (at least partially) responsible for some of the best San Francisco has to offer. And that's saying something. First Frickin' Fridays, the Tentacle Sessions, DadaFest, humor, theatre, politics... He's got his greasy fingers into everything, and everything he touches touches him back. How many of you can say that?
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery
An online museum dedicated to scientific consideration of such fringe topics as fantastic beasts, alien archaeology, missing explorers, and the 10th planet in our solar system. The UnMuseum is a great reference site for all things Odd.

My own adorable, maniacal, occasionally comprehensible housemates. Performing annually at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, and nightly in our own back yard, the nEO-sURREALISTS have incited creativity, madness and even lust from the cornfields of Illinois to the smoggy hinterlands of California.
News of the Weird
The original. Chuck Shepherd writes a syndicated column that appears in hundreds of newspapers around the world. His news is updated regularly; other portions of the site are not. Most of his books have unfortunately gone out of print, but they're still available from Alibrisicon or Abebooks, and may be available at Amazon, as well.

The Onion
The mother of all satirical news sites. NB: Not all of The Onion's content is suitable for all viewers. Some of it is barely suitable for any viewer. And no one without a sense of humor should even bother. And, the nice folks at The Onion have also been kind enough to publish their accumulated wisdom.

Project Vote Smart: 2004 Presidential Candidates
Not, strictly speaking, odd (though when has the American presidential race not been odd?), but definitely useful. Project Vote Smart has collected issue statements, voting records, and biographical information on all of the candidates, even the ones you didn't know were running. And navigating through their site, you might even find out who represents you in Congress. (Always assuming, of course, that you live in the United States. If not, you can be pardoned for not caring. If you do live in the US, it's rather less forgivable. Unless, of course, you are either a Jehovah's Witness, a recent immigrant, or a convicted felon.)
Pushin' Daisies
Need a dozen dead roses in a coffin-shaped box? How about a set of beautifully crafted, coffin-shaped cufflinks? A Jazz Funeral CD? Pushin' Daisies is a "Mortuary Novelty Shop" created by a New Jersey mortician. She sells everything from gruesome office supplies to morbid miniatures, and tops it all off with funereal chocolate candies. Plus, in July, she'll be sponsoring a t-shirt contest! "Take a look at the lighter side of the dark side of life..." Secure ordering, quick shipping, and all major credit cards accepted.

One of the best arts sites around. The focus is on computer graphics, particularly 3-D, but there are plenty of traditional artists working here, too. As for odd... Well, there are some strange imaginations out there, and Renderosity gives them a place to express themselves.

San Francisco Fringe Festival
I'll be there. We'll be there. They'll be there. And so will he. Wouldn't you like to be there with us too? We're all coming together for nearly two weeks of uncurated, uncensored, uninhibited theatrical insanity, in and around the very heart of San Francisco. If you can't be there, too, at least check out the list of other Fringes around the globe — there's bound to be one in your neighborhood. Or at least in a neighborhood you'd like to call your own
Save Mr. Potter's Museum
Mr. Potter's Museum of Curiosities, a truly odd collection of exhibits that includes a schoolroom full of bunnies, a truncheon used to kill two people in Ghana, and Queen Victoria's bath, as well as a wedding party comprised entirely of kittens and a monkey riding a goat, is going up for auction on September 23 and 24, 2003. News of the Odd covered this story in July, 2003. Now, Mr. Richard Taylor, an art college librarian, is attempting to save the collection. If you would be willing to assist in this worthy endeavor, please visit his page to learn how you can help.
The Smoking Gun
Chances are, you've never filed a Freedom of Information Act request, or gone through public court documents looking for information on a famous case. You probably never will. And thanks to William Bastone, you'll never have to. The Smoking Gun archives documents ranging from handwritten letters from Kenneth Lay to George Dubya Bush to FBI files regarding a pornographic film starring Marilyn Monroe. This is the truth behind the news. Many of these documents are also available in book form.
Spoolyfoods bills itself as "an up-and-coming 'vast global conglomerate' with ambitions of world domination." To that end, it's selling gift boxes of odd Asian snack foods on the Internet. (Hey, everyone needs to start somewhere!) EveryBurger Chocolates, Pocari Sweat, Men's Pocky (The Super Snack), Pearl Milk Tea, and my favorite--Shower Candy. This stuff'll satisfy cravings you didn't even know you had.
(Thanks to Scott for the link!)
The Straight Dope
Cecil Adams knows a bit about everything, and he'll gladly answer almost any question you care to ask. The archive is updated daily, and packed with odd bits of knowledge. Compendia (that's the plural of compendium) of his columns are available from Amazon.

Thank the Maasai
In June, 2002, A Maasai village in Kenya donated 14 cattle to the United States as a gesture of sympathy for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. For the Maasai, cattle are everything--they are, in a very real sense, vital to not only the physical, but also the spiritual well-being of the tribe. This donation was an amazing gesture. Rob Kent, a programmer from Michigan who studied in Kenya, created the "14 Cows" website as a place for people to say "Thank You" for the tribe's gift. The website is still up, if somewhat out of date, and it's just too beautiful a gesture not to leave the link here.

Urban Legends Reference Pages
The great-grandaddy of Urban Legends reference pages. What's real, what's ridulous, and occasionally, what's possible but unconfirmed. News of the Odd uses this site as a cross-check for its own news.

Weekly World News
The supermarket tabloid is now online! Play Find the Batboy! Ogle the Page 5 Girl! Ask yourself, "Is any of this for real?" Or subscribe, and have the "stories other newspapers are afraid to touch" delivered to your door!
Not exactly news, but definitely odd. claims to be the repository of knowledge for the Wingmakers, an ancient alien race, who came to Earth millenia ago and formed the foundation for humanity's Creation myths. One of these beings is living among us now, translating the documents his people left behind to educate us, and psychically feeding high-level technology to our scientists.
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