Space Oddity: Why People Think Jeff Bezos is Weird

Jeff Bezos Weird

Thomas Alva Edison had once described “Genius” as “One percent inspiration and Ninety-Nine percent Perspiration” . Some people apply the same logic to Jeffrey Preston aka Jeff Bezos.

You would not be able to find such geniuses everyday in the world. You should have that something extra in you for you to become a genius. That something extra is what people call “Weird.” Thus, in that sense, Jeff Bezos is weird. We shall now see what makes people think in this manner.

Jeffrey Preston: Early days

Born on January 12, 1964, Jeffrey Bezos had a great interest in technology right since his childhood days. You could call him a “mini genius” at that time itself. In fact, at the age of 18, he gave an interview to the Miami Herald. Now, which 18-year old gets such an opportunity? (more…)

Donald Trump Wins – But Condom Sales Face Stiff Opposition

huge donald trump condom salesNow that the whole world is watching the US Presidential Elections with bated breath, the recent release of political condoms have provided a much needed comic relief. In January of 2016, several condoms have been released in the market, bearing hilarious sayings and proudly sporting the colours of the US Flag.

However, this idea is really nothing new. Back in 2008 elections, Ben Sherman had taken advantage of the political controversies surrounding both Democratic and Republican representatives and set up a customized condom enterprise called Say It With A Condom. This set off a trend that has won nationwide appeal, much to everyone’s humour and surprise.

Most political scandals have often revolved around the topic of sex, with people cracking jokes about Bill Clinton’s affairs even now. This particular context has become even more relevant this year, as his former wife, Hillary Clinton, finds herself in a (more…)

10 Weirdest News Stories of 2015

10 Weirdest News Stories of 2015

Vampires and other news storiesThe world is full of weird and wonderful things, and while some may find the items in this list amusing, strange, or even shocking, other will find them bizarre, incredible, or improbable, but we hope that everybody finds them to be entertaining. Herewith then, ten of the weirdest news stories and reports of the year 2015.

Werewolves in Brazil.Photographs and security film footage from the Brazilian city of Ceilândia shows what is purported to be werewolf roaming the streets. Several witnesses allegedly saw the creature, which prompted authorities to issue a warning to citizens to be careful, and to keep a sharp lookout for what might be an actual werewolf. (more…)

Meaner than a Junkyard… What?

Police in Columbus, Ohio say they have broken up a prostitution ring that operated out of a junkyard. According to Sgt. Richard Curry, Russell Coleman, 42, and his girlfriend Brenda Brush, 51, took calls for girls at the junkyard Coleman owns.

After the yard closed, the calls came into Coleman’s home. “This is the first time we’ve found anything like this inside a junkyard,” Curry said..” Most places will say it’s a massage parlor or adult entertainment.”

At least five prostitutes, some of whom waited at the junkyard until a customer called for them, were involved. They charged $150 per hour, $50 of which went to Coleman. (more…)

35 Celebrities For Phil

“Everyone likes to know whether guests are going to turn up to a party. But Londoner Phil Woodford is more anxious than most. That’s because the 34-year-old advertising creative director has invited 35 celebrities to join him on his 35th birthday.

“The stars – who range from Tiger Woods and Chelsea Clinton to Harry Potter author, J K Rowling – are expected to visit Phil and his friends for 35 minutes in a pub. But with around two and a half weeks to go, the birthday boy has yet to receive confirmation of any A-list attendees. He remains undaunted and keeps the public up-to-date on progress at a specially-designed website,

‘These celebrities are all busy people and I’m sure their PR people have a whole load of correspondence to wade through,’ said Phil. ‘My invitations may have been mislaid or are simply waiting to be actioned. I’m very hopeful that I’ll start receiving responses in the next week or so.’

“The bizarre birthday bash has attracted interest around the world, with Phil appearing on radio stations in places as far afield as Waterford, Ireland and Perth, Western Australia. (more…)